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I wrote this poem in 1965, when I was at Oklahoma Christian College (now University). When I was growing up, we had a pine forest with fire trails just outside our property. I used to load up a wagon with blankets and books and spend a lovely afternoon with them.

Pines for Heaven

Lord, let my heaven have pine trees
A whole heavenly forest full of pines
Pines that stand as tall, as regally, as gracefully
As my immortal body.

Let me have pines
With the west wind whipping whistling winging through
Pines with needles to sit on while talking to my Celestial comrades
But needles that won't prick my saintly skin.
I want pines to stand for me, pines to sings for me, pines to seat me, Lord.

O Lord, I want a whole heavenly forest full of pines.