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Johnny Jones, 4 November 2003

I spent last week in Alabama, and it reminded me of earlier times there. Jordan is now in 9th grade, but I remembered when he was young, and I wrote this article:

One of the happiest parts of my visit was getting to visit with my nieces and nephews. Like my Aunt Ola, I am crazy about my sisters' kids.

Jordan is the youngest. When he was one he could turn on the computer and count; at three he adds and follows sequences to get to the program he wants. He is going through what Bryan called "The precocious terrible two's."

When we were out on the porch, Jordan wanted to paint with his water colors. His mother got out all four containers and lined them up. She told me, "He will paint with each color, one at a time, and he will use all the colors."

After Jordan made a frame, drew himself, and wrote his first name, he wanted Yvonne to write his other two names, using all the rest of the colors. After she had finished writing, he said, "Now use this color." Yvonne pointed out that she had done what he asked, and asked what else he wanted her to write. He started shouting at her. "No! I want you to write my name and use all the colors!"

Then there was trouble. Jordan tried to make his world right by yelling at his mother, and throwing a fit. He told his mother to get his little people out of the milk bottle he put them in. She said, "In a minute, Jordan."

Then he got even more strident. Through clenched teeth he demanded, "Get those little people out for me now."

I piped up with, "That sounded just like a mean old bear." I adopted a growly voice and exaggerated, "Do what I want, Mommy, and do it right away. Do you hear me?"

Jordan laughed. "Do it again, Aunt Dzohnny he said.

"That was my bear voice," I replied. "And I don't think Mommy will do what you want when you use it."

"No, I won't," Yvonne confirmed.

"To get what you want you need to use a bird voice," I said. "Ask like this." In a sweet, high pitched tone, I asked, "Mommy, you are such a sweet, kind Mommy. Would you mind getting my little people out for me when it's convenient for you?"

I love it when they laugh.

We used voices often after that. On the way to Allison's piano lesson we discovered another voice Jordan used. I named that the Cat Voice, and said, "Mommy, why can't you do exactly what I want when I want it? Whatever is the matter with you?"

It's easy to be clever when they're little!

Then Jordan is Point Guard for his school basketball team. He loved DDR. In Trivia Pursuit, you wanted him on your team.

Now in 2017, he's grown, married, with a successful career as a Sports Agent.
And his Aunt Johnny is still crazy about him.