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So, now,
tell me about yourself.

Johnny JonesDo you freeze up when someone asks you that? Particularly if you don't know the person well? Ummm--well--uhhh--OK. The first thing you do when you introduce yourself is give statistical information. I'm married, the mother of two grown children. I grew up in Mobile County, Alabama, but I've lived here in Viburnum longer than anywhere else. I told our daughter, Amy, "I know these curves and hills better than any other roads, because I've traveled them more."

So, what else do you want to know? Let's see. I used to teach sociology classes at Southwest Baptist University in Salem. The Lord provided me the opportunity to teach at just the right time, just as Bryan was starting out as a freshman at Rice University.

And, oh yes--teaching is important to me. When we first moved here, I started a pre-school. In Tucson I had the opportunity to take a Montessori class, and I was interested in putting some of the ideas I learned into practice. By the time I left teaching, seven years later, the pre-school was thriving. I had wonderful, dedicated people, both teachers and parents, who shared my vision and made Viburnum's Learning Tree a reality. That was a lot of fun.

If you come to Viburnum and see someone driving a cream Toyota Sienna, it's probably me. Just stop and say hello. And, I almost forgot--I didn't tell you my name. I'm Johnny. Happy to meet you. (more about me)


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